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Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you'll feed him for a lifetime.


Our philosophy at Fatima Centre is about nurturing and providing individual care to each and every child, to instil a sense of belonging, confidence, security and family. This includes providing them with the best education affordable to us, to ensure their futures.



About us

We are an independent non-governmental organisation that provides a safe and loving environment for orphaned children.

A day in the life of Fatima Centre


The beautiful grounds of Fatima Centre are located next to the majestic Mulanje Mountain, where the land is rich and fertile with plenty of nutrients to feed our ever-growing crops. Chickens and goats roam freely, while the roosters will make sure that everyone is up at the crack of dawn.


After a hearty breakfast, the children are driven to a private school in town. As followers of the Islamic faith, the children also go to Madressa after school, where they learn the beautiful teachings of Islam, including proper sanitation and hygiene, the importance of building strong relationships, and of course, the most integral part of the religion: Charity. As the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once said "a kind word and a smile alone, is a form of charity."


Although the local language is Chichewa, English is widely spoken in Malawi, and is the preferred language of business and government. For this reason, we encourage the children to speak English.

After school, the children love to run around and unleash their energy. Our playground, treehouse and trampoline make for a day filled with fun, laughter and excitement. On hot weekends, we bring out the paddling pool for a splashing good time. 



Once the children have worked up an appetite, dinner is served, followed by bathtime, where the children wind down and get ready for bed. The best part of the evening, is when the children all gather around and listen intently for storytime and night time prayers. Unfortunately bedtime, is not received with the same enthusiasm. How typical.



Currently our staff includes several care-givers, a matron, a cook, gardeners, a maize mill operator, an Imam, an estate manager and several security guards. 




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